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Friday, August 31, 2012


Hungry for a re-watch!

              I did review Hunger Games about a year ago if I'm not mistakes, the book that is - and I did give it 5 stars! At this time I was still occasionally reviewing YA novels, then my blog took roots in the romance genre and that was the end of YA for me.

              That said! I still had to pick up the DVD as it came out this last weekend, after all I did love the book so I had to see how the movie turned out. I have become very good at not associating books with movies made of them, I'm 80% sure I cannot think of the book when I'm watching a movie. With Hunger Games it was really easy!

              I watched it last night and I couldn't have been happier. Here are few points I really did love.

              Katniss wasn't a waif thin overly sexy teenager with make-up and bad attitude - see I was worried they'd go for that but instead she was healthy looking girl, a character with great emotional depth and protect my own attitude. I loved how she was taking in rue as substitute little sister and actually caring for Peeta.

              I loved the lack of inner narrative ( ahem, like twilight saga has ), the silence was lot more powerful than I just killed someone and a freak out, you could really see it in her how it affected her. Kudos!

              I loved Haymitch! Well--- Woody Harrelson really can play the odd balls and pull off the sobering act even in YA dystopian flick. It's a joy to watch him work!

              I loved that they didn't over to the Gale-Katniss- Peeta love triangle. I was expecting more but luckily they had kept it in the low simmer, you could see it in Gale and in Peeta but I loved how indifferent Katniss was when she wasn't hamming it for the crowd.

              The werewolves weren't bipedal! Wohoo! That would not have worked. ( okay, so they were werewolves but in the book they came off more as ones ) These dawg were more like Hellhounds and that I did love love love, tho why make them all Pit Bull? Bad generalization, I would have gone with dachshunds or something, ahem - so maybe wolf hounds would have been better.

              So was there anything I didn't love?

              That's fairly easy - I can't think of anything, and when it's that good you have to give it 5 stars!

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