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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It's Day 2 of NaNoWriMo, I'm at 7152 word and the body has been found and suspicions have been targeted on Dodge.

My favorite passage from "BURN" today: ( from rough draft, contains typos, you have been warned ;) )
      Dodge grind his teeth together, Hastings should learn shut his mouth before he got whooped. There was no one who was gonna to be watching Trissa, except him. Joey came around the corner and caught Dodge contemplating assault, he chucked a thick paper envelope to him, his wallet and his pocket knife was there, and his thick leather band watch, but his .357 Magnum was missing.
      ‘Where my gun, Joey?’ He demonstrated by sliding the empty envelope back at him.
      Joey frowned at him side stepping.
      ‘It’s not like I wasn’t gonna notice it missing, buddy.’ He said putting his items away and on.
      ‘You’re a suspect.’ Joey said his bushy grey mustache shaking.
      ‘They couldn’t charge me with anything, so here I go, out of the door. Now give me my goddamn gun.’  Joey grudgingly turned and returned to the back, and came out a half a minute later with his Smith & Wesson, the gun’s metal pipe gleamed under the fluorescent lights.
      ‘I don’t like this.’ Joey stated as Dodge grabbed the black grip of the gun.
      ‘You don’t have to, it’s a free country.’ Dodge grinned and checked that the barrel was empty, closed it and stuffed the gun in the back of his rough worn jeans. ‘The bullets?’
      ‘What bullets?’
      ‘You little shithead.’

Here's Day 1 if you missed it! Each day will come with my favourite scene or quote of what I managed to get out that day.

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