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Saturday, August 10, 2013


The Ink Weekend is here! I recently discovered Tattoo Romance! All do to the TV Show Ink Master, the 3rd season is running on Spike as we speak, it's so addictive, if you like tats, on you or on a hunky guy you might wanna give it ago!

:: My favorite from Season 2 and 3 ::

And talking about giving a go, Saturday and Sunday are all about Ink here at For The Love of Reading!

Ellora's Cave has a series called Pricked ( love the double entendre ;) ) with tattooed heroes and heroines, tattoo shops, machines and a delicious erotic romance plot - and Ink Weekend will feature novels from the series - and I'll be giving away one of the titles, exciting right!

:: Nerd Girl Tattoos ::

So keep your eyes open this weekend for all the yummy Ink Books! Visit us few times ( or really as many as you like ) this weekend to improve your chances at winning your own Ink Romance!

What will you win?

"By night, Mandi is a waitress in her best friend’s adult entertainment club, complete with long raven hair and bright blue eyes. By day, she’s a boutique jewelry maker with a flair for the occasional naughty design. She’s shy, quiet, a definitive Plain Jane—and completely in lust with the one man who wouldn’t ever be interested in her. He’s big, menacing, and inspires every one of her dirty girl desires. If birthday wishes came true, he would be hers.

Tattoo artist. Business owner. Lover of vintage cars. Drummer. Jaz is far from the average guy. Built like a brick wall and inked from head to toe, he can scare the faint of heart with just a look, but faint of heart isn’t what interests him, isn’t what fuels his fantasies and keeps him hard from dawn to dusk. It’s her—the waitress, his sister’s friend, the birthday girl.

Mandi is given the best present ever—Jaz. And she’s got one night to make every wicked thought and erotic dream she’s had about him come true."

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