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Sunday, November 18, 2012


Author: Stephanie Meyer
Lenght: 1 hour 55 minutes
Premiere: November 16th, 2012
Seen: November 18th, 2012
Form: Feature-length Movie (ticket paid by me)
Genre: Paranormal/Adventure/Romance
Series: The Twilight Saga  #5
Trailer: See IMDb

First the Spoiler Free section and under it the Spoilers, clearly indicated between the red arrows, and under them the rating. By spoilers I mean... deviation from the original novel by Ms. Meyer for the movie adaptation.

Oh so high expectations for this! Where Breaking Dawn Part 1 totally tanked for me I was expecting a whole lot from Part 2 mainly because all of my favorite parts of the book were in the last half. Renesmee and her growth, Edward and Bella getting it on ;) , Jacob's pack and his attachment to Nessie, meeting the vampires and seeing their gifts in action, the Volturi-Cullen smack down preparations! All the good stuff and my favorite, seeing Bella as a vampire.

So did Breaking Dawn Part 2 deliver? Abso-freaking-lutely!

I was thoroughly entertained from the very beginning to the very end! Everything that could have been bad about Part 1 was - and everything that could have been made awesome for Part 2 was. Starting with Bella waking up as a vampire her reaction to her senses and new sight was interesting, and her restraint for human blood was shorter term, but still nice and visible. I also enjoyed the romance between Edward and Bella, especially their romp at their little cottage in the woods. ;) Now, even though Renesmee as a baby and growing child had obvious CG ( computer generated ) all over her face she wasn't "fake" but looked sort of eerie which added to her appeal to me. I loved the connection to Bella she had, it was very believable.

I was actually ecstatic that the Edward/Jacob hostility came to an end, seeing them on the screen as friends was great. Everyone was getting along in this one and I loved it! Especially all the parts with Charlie, which were all great fun! Lots of happier times and then of course everything goes horribly wrong when the Volturi catch a sniff of Renesmee, thinking she's an immortal child ( a child bitten, made into a vampire, which is a giant no-no ).

I loved the Volturi, especially Aro in this last part, he was positively delightfully mad. Gathering up all the baddies to bring down the Cullen Clan and snatch Alice and her sight of the future to his posse. Of course this means the Cullens need witnesses to prove that Nessie is in fact half human - and then we get the awesome group of gifted vampires. Now this was my second favorite part of the movie all the gifted vampires, and especially the connection between Kate ( electric shock like you don't wanna know ) and Garrett ( no gift, but a great fighter who will try anything once, even Kate's zap ;) ) they are my non-Cullen fave pairing - I think I like them even better than Carlisle and Esme. Of course I loved Vlad 1 and 2, and the amazon women. Watching the show of gifts was exciting as I really looked forward to it!

Begin Spoilers

Okay dear production crew of Breaking Dawn part 2, you had me completely fooled! I was sitting there and my mouth was hanging open when Carlisle died, I was deep in the WTF zone, but not once did I think it wasn't real, I was so engrossed in the story having heard they made changes to the fight scene. So there I am my mouth hanging open still when Jasper gets decapitated. Plus puppies die and that's just so friggin' wrong, so I'm seething on my seat and then snap we are back with Alice's hand in Aro's as he has witnessed his own destruction.

And I'm like - super! Man, that I really really really enjoyed! Especially Aro fighting his way off a sinking ship that is fighting to find a way to not have to engage the Cullens in war, and die himself. Now had I read Breaking Dawn even a year before this, I might have a remembered it, Alice showing him his future, but as I didn't it was a nice end surprise for me!

End of Spoilers

And now to the rating Breaking Dawn Part 2!

Rating :

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