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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


by Armada West

"Julian Moore is a Cinderella man of the modern era. An undefeated boxer from Scotland, a true story of rags to riches for a man who will sacrifice anything to care for his younger sister. 

His fights have brought him to Boston with the hopes of catapulting himself into the international spotlight. 

Except he hadn't expected to meet someone like Rhiannon. He may end up losing it all before he's even begun, or will he go on undefeated?"

About the Author :
Hailing from the land of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle,West grew up in an area populated by legends of the supernatural and unbelievable. She made her debut has a playwright in 2005 with her comedic work "The Loo Cue" being performed at the Copake Grange, starring Fiona Hutchinson. West currently lives in the south with her husband where she continues her writing.

Excerpt :

            It’s then that his face tips and he offers a smile to their waitress. She was pretty, he wouldn't lie, but when Julian set his teeth into something…well, he didn't let go. Call him stubborn but Julian wanted Rhiannon one way or the other. He wasn't sure how, nor was he sure what may happen, but Julian wasn't about to go flocking to another woman yet. Without so much as waiting until she was gone, Julian’s eyes moved back to Rhiannon’s and his own seem to gleam with some mild amusement. As for what? He didn't let on, but he was leaning forward this time to make their conversation seemingly more intimate. His elbows rested on the edge of the table. A bad mannerism for sure.

            “So, where were we?” He trailed off and looked thoughtful before grinning as his fingers smoothed along his menu. He deliberately kept his eyes directed away from her now, looking at the menu but not reading it. “Because, Rhiannon, they say the same thing about me.”

            There was a moment where he knew he held her rapt attention. He could almost feel her holding her breath as she waited for his answer. She wanted his answer. He’d baited her and she took it, just like he’d hoped she would.

            “And what do they say?” Rhiannon asked, and the words sounded breathy when she said them.

            “You look far too pretty to get hit.”

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