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Saturday, September 29, 2012


Good morning Saturday! How was your week? Mine was mindbogglingly awful. Had a nasty flu, 'nuff said.
And now I'm finally feeling better and it's Saturday I'm going to a Pin Up Store opening and life is looking great! Any plans for today? Other than given a nice long look at this cover...

Placing yourselves in the role of a badass heroine, with obviously cool powers, who says we shouldn't have a  nice muscular, tattooed, gun wielding sidekick? ;) That's right our sidekick will have to have the powers of lickable six back, solid pecs, great guns and good looks... the last isn't a must, the dude can wear a mask if unnecessary  ;) Happy Saturday ya'll!

On a side note: did you notice the new layout/header/button? Reason for such a drastic change? ;) I went to the hair salon last week and went from a brunette to copper in honor of Autumn and Amy Pond

Here is a photo! Not the best possible pic color-wise - but you get the idea. ;)

Here is a bit better of a pic...

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