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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Okay so guess will I be doing a Nice or Naughty Giveaway? ;) 

Yes, quite right, it'll be Naughty!

After all you see a lot of Erotic Romance reviews here, which is what I'm divvying up too! To take part you simply have to comment and answer this question: what makes erotic romance so hot?

If you want to be nice hit the GFC, I'd love few more followers. :)

Here is what your comment will get you if you are the lucky winner!

"Gossip Girl meets the Dukes of Hazard with a whole lot of red hot sex thrown in–that’s Educating Ansley.

Connecticut’s rich and beautiful summer at mansions in the Hamptons not on a ranch in Colorado, but that’s exactly where society girl Ansley Craig’s been banished by her grandmother just for having a little too much fun at a graduation party.

She expects to find cows and boredom at the Kane ranch. What she doesn’t count on are the Kane brothers. Ansley may have the college degree, but Jeremy and Ryan are two cowboys who can teach her a few things she didn’t learn in school.

Reader Advisory: Expect one spoiled rich girl engaging in frequent sexual acts including multiple partner situations, same sex play, anal sex and even a roll in the hay."

Would you call that Nice or Naughty? ;)

Cat Johnson is one of my favorite authors, so expect lots good writing, hot sex and witty and funny lines!

Comment / answer this question: 
What makes erotic romance so hot? 

Good luck ya'll! ;)

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