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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Okay time to reveal the most memorable, the hottest, the best covers of 2012 to make an appearance on For The Love of Reading - the Top 10 that is! We got participants from Historical to Cowboy to Suspense! Do enjoy! ;)

Fluffy pink cuteness that has inside it a hot historical romance!

For two hot cowboys, cool color scheme and cool girls abs!

You go girl! Cool get up, cool colors and nice attitude. ;)
(cover re-done in 2012)

* drools *

Come on now, ribbed tank, army cargos, great neutral colors and leaving a lot to the imagination.

Two hot guys, hurricane and lightning. Very hot, but still classy enough.

Loving the blue hue, the plaid shirt and that black stetson - oh boy!

Got to love the mix of Hot Pink, Spaceship and tough-ass woman!

Oh... why are your jeans unfastened? 

It's the ribbed guy, the white tee and the all the wet yummyness!

What do you think?

I hope you had fun here and invite me to any similar blog post if you have one! :)

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